Why Is My Heater Emitting a Burning Smell?

January 31, 2016/ 0

From time to time, customers contact our Orange County and Los Angeles heating and air specialists because they are experiencing a burning smell coming from their heater. This odor typically indicates one of four things: dust, clogged filters, closed vents or a damage unit. Learn about each of these issues with helpful insights from our Orange County and Los Angeles heating and air experts.

Burning Dust

Heating systems have a tendency to collect dust when they are turned off. That is why you may notice a burning smell when you turn your heater on after it has been off the entire summer. It is normal for this to happen at the beginning of the heating season. However, this smell should go away within 30 minutes. If the smell lasts for more than 30 minutes, then it is time to call a professional.

Clogged Filters

A clogged filter can lead to an overworked motor, which is often the culprit behind a burning smell. You can prevent this problem by having your filter cleaned or replaced at the beginning of the heating season.

Closed Vent

A closed vent can cause your furnace to develop a burning smell. Your heater works very hard to distribute the air throughout your entire home. When the vents are closed off, the air becomes trapped; resulting in an unwanted burning smell.

Damaged Unit

A burning smell may also indicate that a unit is damaged and in need of repair. So, if you have checked your unit for the aforementioned issues and the burning odor remains, you will want to contact a professional for assistance.

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