Whole Home Water Filtration Advantages

July 8, 2016/ 0

When it comes to owning a whole home water filtration system, our Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers know that there are many benefits to this type of system. Perks include:

  1. Whole home water filtration system ensures clean water in all your homes water sources. As a result, pollutants, contaminants, odors and particles as small as 5 microns are removed leaving you with fresh water that has no chemical after taste or offensive odors.
  2. By removing hard water scale, whole home water filtration systems will leave your appliances exceptionally clean. Long gone will be the days of hard water stains on shower doors, sinks and fixtures.
  3. For years, cities have treated water with chlorine since it has been considered an effective way of purifying water. And while it is excellent at destroying pathogens in the water, it produces a harmful by-product known as Trihalomethanes (THMs), which is toxic to humans. As a result, it is best not to consume this chemical and a whole home filtration system can help.
  4. Purifying your water can lead to cleaner clothes. By eliminating pollutants and contaminants in your water, you can have cleaner laundry that will smell fresher and last longer.
  5. If there is an issue with your municipal water treatment system, your only line of defense besides purchasing large quantities of bottled water is a whole house water purifying system. Whole house purifiers can prevent you and your family from being exposed to bacteria and other dangerous contaminants if your water treatment plant fails to do so.

Overall, whole home water filtration systems are great for yourself, your pets and your appliances. They help ensure your safety and conveniently deliver the highest quality water to each and every one of your faucets.

For more information on whole home water filtration systems, please contact our highly skilled Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers at 1 (800) 464-7586. Our dedicated Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers can get a filtration system set up in your house quickly and affordably. Let us help!


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