What Is Trenchless Sewer Lining?

August 15, 2016/ 0

One of the most common questions our Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers get from time to time is, “What is trenchless sewer lining?”. Trenchless sewer lining is essentially the creation of a new pipe within an existing warn pipe. This process requires a resin-saturated felt polyester tube to be inserted into the damaged pipe and is often the preferred choice among home and business owners due to its non-invasive, minimal digging nature.

Additionally, trenchless sewer lining is often much more cost effective than its traditional counterpart and can be completed in less time; making it an excellent solution.

During the trenchless sewer lining process, one of our Orange County or Los Angeles plumbers will begin by cleaning out the existing pipe and inspecting it with one of our high tech cameras to ensure the method can successfully be performed. If the pipe is a good candidate for this type of repair, our team will then minimally dig to expose a small area of the pipe, treat the felt liner with epoxy and insert the material into the pipe while inflating and expanding the lining. The lining is then cured in place as epoxy resin cooks and hardens. Finally, another camera inspection is performed to ensure the process has been successful and the client is left with pipe lining that is permanent and will last for years to come.

To determine whether trenchless sewer lining is the right solution for your home or business, please contact our Orange County or Los Angeles plumbers at 1 (800) 464-7586. We offer free estimates and will be glad to come take a look!


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