Water Filtration

When it comes to whole house water filtration, Los Angeles and Orange County residents can count on Jack Stephan to provide them with top of the line solutions.

At Jack Stephan, we know the quality of water you consume is incredibly important and that is why we are dedicated to ensuring you receive only the very best.

With whole house water filtration, Los Angeles and Orange County residents can rest easy knowing that they are removing potentially harmful impurities from their family’s water supply.

And while municipal water supplies contain chlorine and other chemicals to help kill bacteria in the water supply, they do not completely remove pollution. Plus, the chlorine can have its own negative effects along with an unpleasant taste and odor that many people don’t enjoy. But, with a whole house water filtration system, the chlorine will be taken out of the water leaving you to enjoy the clean, pure water you love.

Whole house water filtration systems offer you the following benefits:

Reduce Buildup on Dishes and Fixtures
If your water contains chlorine, chemicals, or mineral buildups, these substances may bond with soap to form a scum in your shower, your sink, or on your dishes. Adding a whole house filtration system can dramatically reduce this buildup, allowing you to use crystal clear dishes and enjoy a clean sink and tub.

Provide Clean Air for Allergy Sufferers
When a home has chemicals in the water, it also has chemicals in the air. Water evaporates off kitchen and bathroom surfaces, and also blows into the air as water vapor if a humidifier is in use. So, if someone in your family has ongoing allergy issues, it may be worth looking into a water filtration system.

Keep Chemicals Out of Clothing
Chlorine in water can build up in clothing fibers over time, causing the colors to fade and the fabric to break down prematurely. If you want your clothing to stay bright, vibrant, and new looking, it may be time to consider installing a whole house filter in your home. These filters help keep the chlorine out of your laundry, so that your clothing holds up better over time.

A professional contractor from Jack Stephan can install a whole house filter for you, so you can begin enjoying these benefits today.

To schedule an appointment or receive a free estimate for whole house water filtration, Los Angeles and Orange County residents please contact us at 1 (800) 464-7586.