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    October 26, 2014 - Just want to say thank you for the great service and wonderful customer service provided to my family by Jorge Barrios on Saturday, October 25th, 2014. Jorge came out (on time) to install a replacement kit on our hot water heater, which had been out since the previous Monday. It was day 6 of NO HOT WATER. After installing the kit, Jorge determined that there was a leak in the heater that was causing the pilot to go out. I called whirlpool and he helped me explain to them what he had found. He took the time to take out the bad heater, go to Lowe’s to get a replacement heater, and install the new heater. This took a whole lot more time than he had anticipated spending on his first appointment. My family is really appreciative of Jorge taking the time to make sure we had hot water THAT DAY!!!! THANKS SO MUCH JORGE! Sincerely, The Johnson Family

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