Surfside Heating

Jack Stephan Plumbing, Heating & Air has been the top Surfside heating company for decades. Our experts are available around the clock, ready to service all types of heating systems – both emergency and nonemergency bookings. Nonemergency services includes both minor repairs and maintenance. Maintenance is the most cost-effective and stress-free route. Lack of maintenance is one of the most common reasons heating systems start to fail. Our maintenance plans include: cleaning air ducts, replacing filters, cleaning burners, and thoroughly inspecting the unit to ensure it runs reliably and efficiently. The coils on the unit will be cleaned, and the refrigerant levels will also be checked. Any parts that need to be adjusted or tightened in order to restore proper functioning. Our leading Surfside heating repair technicians recommend that the system be serviced twice annually.

Because we’ve worked in the industry since 1946, we are confident in our knowledge of both old and new heating technologies. In most cases, a system’s performance can be restored if the parts are replaced and the system is serviced annually by our Surfside heating repair specialists. In some cases, the system may reach a state where it’s beyond disrepair. If the system cannot be repaired, a technician can match the household’s needs to the appropriate system. In addition to troubleshooting these common technical problems, a Surfside heating technician can also advise you on when it’s time to replace or upgrade an existing unit with a high performing, energy efficient option. Heating installation estimates are free and will work with you to make sure you have the best heating system available for your home or business.

Normal wear and tear is to be expected on a heater. As a result, our Surfside heating team recommends that your system be serviced prior to the cooler months. This is to guarantee that the system is operational when the winter arrives. If the system is serviced twice annually by our expert heating technicians, it will last much longer.

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