Installing A New Shower Faucet

July 2, 2015/ 0

Some Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers don’t want you to know how easy installing a new shower faucet can be, but the dedicated team at Jack Stephan are happy to offer up these easy tips for a DIY project you can complete on a Saturday afternoon.

Step 1: At the hardware store, pick out a replacement faucet. Faucets come in several styles, so it will be easiest to choose the same as the model you’re replacing. While at the hardware store make sure to pick up any other supplies you may need like pliers, an adjustable wrench, plumbers tape, and screwdrivers.

Step 2: Before you begin, shut off either the main or bathroom water supply. After doing so, turn the shower faucet valves on to release any remaining water from the pipes and to ensure that you have completely turned the water off.

Step 3: Our Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers recommend that you cover your drain and shower/tub floor with a drop cloth to keep screws or other debris from falling down drain. This drop cloth also helps protect the tub’s surface from scratches and chips in the event tools or other supplies are dropped.

Step 4: Determine if the old faucet has a screw that will need to be removed. Then grab the faucet and slowly turn counterclockwise while pulling the faucet toward you. A wrench may be helpful.

Step 5: Remove the flange by turning clockwise while pulling. Then remove the valve by turning counterclockwise. Rinse and wipe the old parts clean. Now you are ready to begin installing your new shower faucet!

Installing your new shower faucet should be as easy as reversing the above process. Just make sure to read the instructions that came with your faucet.

But, don’t forget, if you find yourself encountering plumbing issue beyond your skill, an Orange County or Los Angeles plumber from Jack Stephan can be sure to help!

At Jack Stephan, our team of plumbing experts is highly skilled in the removal and installation of shower faucets. And we are happy to guarantee all of our parts and labor, which gives our customers confidence in knowing that repairs performed by our team will last.

We were founded nearly 70 years ago and have been proud to be the preferred Orange County and Los Angeles plumber since 1946.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an expert Orange County or Los Angeles plumber from Jack Stephan, please give us a call at 1 (800) 464-7586.


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