How to Install a New Toilet

July 2, 2015/ 0

Some homeowners may want to replace an outdated toilet for aesthetic reasons. While a toilet may not be the most common feature you think about when updating a bathroom’s appearance, this is nonetheless a feature that will be noticed by all who enter the room. Other homeowners may need to replace a toilet when the existing one has become damaged in some way. Whether you need or want to replace your toilet, you may be wondering if you should work with an expert Orange County or Los Angeles plumber or attempt to do the work on your own. Before you call a professional to your home, it is important to understand more about the toilet installation process.

Whether you work with a dedicated Orange County or Los Angeles plumber for a new toilet installation or you do the work on your own, the installation steps are the same. First, you will need to turn the main water supply valve to the off position and drain the toilet bowl and tank of water. Then, you can remove the bolts located at the base of the toilet so that you can pull the old toilet out of the home. Typically, the silicon ring that is located in the floor of the bathroom will need to be replaced before the new toilet can be installed by either a professional or yourself. After the ring has been replaced, you can place the new toilet in place over the ring and tighten the bolts. You will then want to apply silicon around the base of the toilet before turning the water supply valve to the on position. The new toilet should now be ready for you to use.

While the process of installing a new toilet may sound easy, it can be a messy, stressful job to complete. Many do not want to deal with the mess or the possibility of a water leak, and they prefer to use a professional Orange County or Los Angeles plumber.

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