Hearing Strange Plumbing Sounds? What Your Plumbing Might Be Trying To Tell You

March 30, 2016/ 0

While most plumbing tends to run seamlessly the majority of the time, definite issues can occur and might be marked by an interesting sound to boot. With decades of experience, our dedicated Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers have significant experience when it comes to plumbing sounds long with what type of issue they might be indicating. Learn more about some of the most common noises plumbing makes and what it may mean with expert insights from our Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers.


Most of the time fixtures make a whistling sound it is because the water pressure is too low. If you have a water pressure regulator, adjusting it just might do the trick!


On the contrary, a hissing sound coming from a fixture often indicates the water pressure is too high. Excessive water pressure cannot only increase your monthly water bill, but it is also strenuous on your pipes. Again, if you have a water pressure regulator installed, try adjusting it to resolve the problem. If no water pressure regulator is in place, adding one will keep your PSI with normal levels and should halt the hissing sound.


Experiencing a rattling noise when water is drained can be a sign of pipes that are physically loose. As a result, you will want to check your pipes and ensure they are well connected. Areas that are unsecured can be gently tightened with a wrench.


Unsettling gurgling sounds coming from a drain could point to a blocked vent pipe. Obstructed vent pipes can cause water to drain irregularly and odors and gases to build up. This pipe I often located on the roof and should be inspected by a trained professional to ensure proper correction.

For more information on these or other odd plumbing sounds, please contact our highly skilled Orange County or Los Angeles plumbers at 1 (800) 464-7586. We can help!


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