Expert Advice: Should I Use Chemical Clog Removers?

May 24, 2016/ 0

One of the most often questions our Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers are asked is about the use of chemical clog removers. After all, they are widely advertised, cheap, and seem like an all around convenient solution to your stopped up drain. But take it from the pros, chemicals are never the answer to drain problems. Dangerous to the home as well as the environment there are a multitude of reasons that chemicals should not be used to unclog drains.

First of all, chemical drain cleaners are highly toxic. They produce toxic odors that are harmful to breathe. If the drains back up, these chemicals can wear off finishes on expensive bathroom porcelain and other materials.

This is nothing, however, compared to the damage that chemicals can do to pipes. In addition to wearing down grime, strong chemicals also wear down the pipes themselves, which can cause leaks and breaks and open you up to a whole knew set of needed repairs that can be both costly and time consuming.

If all of this were not enough, chemical cleaners are harmful to the environment. Not all chemicals can be cleansed from the water at sewage treatment plants. If the drain problem is actually a broken sewage line, the chemicals can go directly into the ground.

Clogged drains are much better handled by calling a trained professional who will snake or hydro-jet your clog and can ensure proper correction by looking through your drain and pipes with specially engineered sewer cameras.

For more information on chemical clog removers or for help troubleshooting an existing stoppage, please contact our highly skilled Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers at 1 (800) 464-7586. Our dedicated Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers can have your plumbing back up and running in no time and provide you with a full one-year warranty on parts and labor. Let us help!


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