Expert Advice: How To Repair A Bathroom Sink

December 17, 2015/ 0

There are few things that cause more frustration than the inconvenience of dealing with a stopped-up or slow-moving bathroom sink. While severely stopped up drains are a situation best handled by an experienced Orange County or Los Angeles plumber, a common bathroom blockage is a problem you can easily resolve yourself in about 15 minutes.

Your sink is most likely not draining due to hair and sticky soap residue building up on the drain’s stopper or pivot rod. Often times it is not necessary to call an expert Orange County or Los Angeles plumber to solve the problem. Also, before resorting to harsh chemical solutions that often don’t clear up the blockage and can cause damage to your pipes, try this quick-fix tip to get your sink in working order.

Begin by trying to remove the drain stopper. It may lift out easily, but if it doesn’t, look for a pivot rod holding it in place. Remove the pivot rod nut and pull out the pivot rod to release the stopper. You might need to use pliers if the nut can’t be loosened by hand. Once the pivot rod has been removed, lift the stopper out. If you are unable to remove the pivot rod nut, it’s time to call your local professional plumber.

Bend a short length of electrical wire or a lightweight clothes hanger into a tight hook. Insert the hook into the drain to snag and remove the hair clogging the drain. If you are not able to remove the obstruction, the problem will need to be addressed by a professional Orange County or Los Angeles plumber.

Once the drain is visibly clear, run hot water into the sink to remove any remaining soap residue. Drop the drain stopper back into place. If you removed the pivot rod, line it up with the stopper slot and tighten the pivot rod nut by hand. Check the nut to ensure it isn’t leaking, and use pliers to tighten it slightly if you see drips.

If you are struggling with a slow-draining sink that you haven’t been able to repair, call one of our highly skilled Orange County or Los Angeles plumbers. Our team specializes in plumbing repair, maintenance and installations. We are the preferred local plumbers for residential and commercial customers alike, with a dedicated team ready to help you day or night!

For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our Orange County or Los Angeles plumbers, please give us a call at 1 (800) 464-7586.


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