Expert Advice: How To Properly Flush Your Traditional Water Heater

April 10, 2016/ 0

At Jack Stephan, our dedicated Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers are big fans of flushing out water heaters. After all, a proper flush can prevent sediment buildup and ensure the longevity of your water heater. Plus, the process is truly simple if you follow these 9 easy steps outlined by our Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers.

1. If your tank is electric, start by turning off the power. Similarly, you may want to set your gas to pilot.

2. Look for your water heater’s cold water supply and turn it off. It should be right at your water heater’s top.

3. Get a garden hose and attach it to a drain valve located at the bottom of the unit.

4. To allow water from the tank drain faster, consider opening faucets in your house.

5. Next, open your water heater’s drainage valve and allow it to drain completely. Do not rush this step as built up sediment can slow the process and you want to make sure the tank is completely emptied. Additionally, be sure to exercise caution when opening the drainage valve since too much force may break it.

6. Once your water heater has drained completely, you will want to close the drainage valve and re-open the supply for cold water. Fill the heater about half way, and then close the water supply. Repeat Step 5 again. If the water coming out of the tank is clear, you can stop. If not, you will want to repeat this step.

7. Close the drainage valve once you start seeing clear water coming out from the water heater and open the valve for cold water. Allow the water heater to fill up.

8. Let air out by opening the faucets for hot water.

9. Turn the gas or electric power back on. If you have a gas unit make certain the pilot is completely lit before leaving the unit unattended.

In the event that you experience some difficulty flushing your water heater and need professional assistance, please feel free to contact our highly skilled Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers at 1 (800) 464-7586.


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