Expert Advice: How to Choose the Right Toilet

December 29, 2015/ 0

At Jack Stephan, our Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers know it is important to carefully consider the characteristics of a toilet before purchasing a replacement. This plumbing fixture will most likely get plenty of use, so ensuring that it holds all the proper amenities will be well worth your time. Deciding on one particular toilet may feel daunting after inspecting the many various models available, so feel free to contact one of our professional Orange County or Los Angeles plumbers to assist you within your evaluation.

Your first consideration on a new toilet should be its flush power. A toilet must flush with enough force to prevent blockages. An expert Orange County or Los Angeles plumber from Jack Stephan can recommend a dual-flush unit for the highest efficiency.

How to Select the Right Bowl Shape
To select the right bowl shape, first consider the space available in your bathroom. For small areas, the round-bowl toilet is often preferred over the elongated-bowl toilet. However, due to comfort, most people favor the elongated style. As such, our plumbers typically recommend purchasing the elongated models whenever space allows unless a customer for some reason simply likes the round style better.

Choose the Height That Best Suits Your Needs
Standard toilet models are typically 14 or 15 inches in height, but taller adults may prefer the models that are 16 or 17 inches in height. All toilets that comply with ADA regulations are 17 inches in height. We generally recommend selecting a height most comfortable for you, unless the purchase involves necessary compliance with ADA regulations due to business purposes.

Since 1946, Jack Stephan has proudly been the preferred Orange County and Los Angeles plumber. From maintenance, installation and repair work, we have you covered! We regularly service both commercial and residential customers, and are happy to provide expert guidance on which type of toilet is best for your situation.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an expert Orange County or Los Angeles plumber, please give us a call at 1 (800) 464-7586.


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