Expert Advice: Do I Need To Replace My AC?

May 5, 2016/ 0

Warn and outdated cooling units are one of the most common issues seen by our Orange County and Los Angeles air conditioning techs. Many individuals simply do not want to part with their existing units. After all, new units can be pricey. However, the costs associated with the continuous repairs to an old unit can definitely add up. So, when exactly is the right time to replace your unit? Find out some of the most revealing signs with insights from our Orange County and Los Angeles air conditioning experts.


Typically, you can expect a well-maintained air conditioner to last anywhere from 10-15 years. Units that have exceeded this lifespan usually need to be replaced because they simply do not run as efficiently. Additionally, they may require costly repairs that simply do not make sense in comparison to purchasing a newer, more efficient unit.


All air conditioners come with a SEER rating. SEER ratings are meant to inform consumers on the models energy efficiency; with higher ratings indicating more efficient units. New models must meet a minimum of 14 – SEER. If your system was purchased 10-15 years ago, chances are your SEER rating is between 6-10 and the amount of energy needed to power your unit results in higher electric costs when compared to a new model.

Frequent or Expensive Repairs

If your unit is need of frequent or expensive repairs, it might be better to simply replace it. In time, these repairs add up and the money probably would have been better spent on a new unit. New units typically come with a manufacturers warranty; giving you peace of mind that repairs will not be needed for sometime.

Freon Refrigerant

The federal government as a way to conserve energy nationwide is phasing out cooling systems that utilize Freon. So, if your unit utilizes this type of coolant and is experiencing issues, especially those related to Freon, it might be beneficial to switch to a new unit that utilizes the new standard coolant, R410A.

Inadequate Cooling

If your air conditioner is simply no longer cooling your space, this could be the sign of an aging air conditioner or even an incorrectly sized system. Neither here nor there, you want a unit that is going to keep you cool and comfortable. So, you should consider purchasing one that will.

For more information or help determining whether or not your home or business is in need of a new air conditioner, please contact our Orange County or Los Angeles air conditioning specialists at 1 (800) 464-7586.


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