Do You Know What Your Plumbing Pipes Are Made From?

March 11, 2016/ 0

A house’s plumbing can sometimes be as old as the house itself. As such, it is important to know what material that the pipes are made from. After all, some materials can pose hazardous to health while others are more prone to fail or require costly repairs. Discover the various types of plumbing pipes with expert insights from our Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers.


Homes that were built prior to 1930, utilized lead pipes, which can leach dangerous contaminants into your water. Therefore, if you are living in an older home and you suspect original plumbing, it is beneficial to have your pipes checked by a professional to determine whether or not they are safe or need to be upgraded.


After lead pipes were abandoned for health reasons, galvanized steel took their place. These pipes are heavy duty and can last a long time, but will eventually start to rust. Ultimately, rust can degrade your water quality and lead to blockages.


Since the 1960s, copper pipes have been a preferred option for their ease to work with and longevity. Unlike their heavier steel counterpart, copper pipes are light weight and free from rust. However, their more expensive nature deters some home and business owners, but, all around copper is one of our Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers top choices for piping.


For the past few decades, PVC pipes have been popular due to their affordable nature and ease to install. While these pipes are not at risk for rust or corrosion they do raise concerns because they are pretty susceptible to cracks and leaks, and associated glued joints are prone to deteriorate.


Another type of plastic pipe, PEX, has also been a sought after option the past few decades because it is flexible, easy to install, fairly cost effective, and more durable than the PVC option. However, PEX is not suitable for outdoor use since sunlight can degrade the material.

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