Do I Need A Home Water Pressure Regulator?

July 2, 2015/ 0

Certain devices in plumbing prevent problems. A water pressure regulator is one of those devices. P-traps below your sinks, toilets, showers and tubs keep a little water in them to prevent sewer gas from backing up. Check valves on main sewer lines prevent backflow flooding. Water pressure regulators prevent high water pressure from bursting pipes and fatiguing faucets, toilet valves and water-using appliances. Controlling pressure can also save thousands of gallons a year in wasted water. And at Jack Stephan, our Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers can provide the dual benefit of a water pressure regulator by installing one.

Our Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers are not strangers to seeing high water pressure damage and other issues. One house on a street may have inordinately high water pressure while the neighbors actually have low water pressure. People who live high in the hills may have higher water pressure than people in the valley. This may seem counter-intuitive, but the water company has to boost the water main pressure to get it up into the hills. The good thing is that an Orange County or Los Angeles plumber from Jack Stephan can adjust every water pressure regulator to suit the incoming line pressure of every home where they are installed.

Having a professional install a water pressure regulator and adjust it to about 40 psi protects pipes, toilet valves, sink faucets and the electronic water control valves of clothes washers and dishwashers. This prevents excessive pressure from leading to premature failure. And the reduced pressure is usually not noticeable by users. In fact, lowering the pressure often cures the problems of sputtering and spitting faucets as well as most problems with water hammer and banging pipes.

Additionally, having an Orange County or Los Angeles plumber from Jack Stephan install a water pressure regulator can also lower the amount of water used every month; saving both resources and money.

At Jack Stephan, our team of plumbing experts is highly skilled in the installation of water pressure regulators. And we are happy to guarantee all of our parts and labor, which gives our customers confidence in knowing that repairs performed by our team will last.

We were founded nearly 70 years ago and have been proud to be the preferred Orange County and Los Angeles plumber since 1946.

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