Buying A New Home? Be Sure To Check The Plumbing!

February 21, 2016/ 0

Buying a new home is definitely an exciting time. But, before you close, it is important to check the home’s plumbing in order to ensure there aren’t any serious problems lurking that could potentially cause you thousands of dollars in repairs. Discover some of the top things to look for with expert insights from our Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers.

The Basics

When buying a new home, it is important to ensure that all faucets and fixtures are working properly. This includes turning on all faucets, checking to make sure showers and baths are operational, there is sufficient water pressure coming from all fixtures, and all toilets flush correctly. Additionally, you will want to make certain that all plumbing appliances are well secured and do not move under gentle pressure. Likewise, there should be no discoloration or warping on walls, floors or ceilings since the presence of these could indicate present water leaks.

Hot Water Heater

Now that you have tested the home’s faucets and fixtures, you will want to explore the home’s hot water heater for itself. Make sure the water heater is free of any leaks, well within warranty, and up to all codes including those involving earthquake straps, proper pressure and temperature relief valves, drip pans, drain lines, etc. Additionally, you will want to ensure the water heater is properly vented since gas heaters emit carbon monoxide and that sediment traps are in place.

Main Sewer Line

An issue with the main sewer can mean big bucks and repairs could require excavation of your yard or driveway. Clogs or slow drainage can be an indication of sewer issues although the problem may solely lie in the home’s internal pipes. In order to be sure, our Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers recommend that you higher a professional to thoroughly assess the situation. By doing so, you might save significant cash in the future.

For more information on other ways to effectively check your prospective home’s plumbing, please contact our highly skilled Orange County or Los Angeles plumbers at 1 (800) 464-7586.


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