Protect Your Pipes from Tree Root Intrusion

It is not uncommon for pipes to have small holes, leaks, or even loose joints that allow some moisture to escape. These losses may not noticeably affect your pipes ability to supply water but escaping moisture could lead to much greater problems. Especially during dry spells or droughts, plants like trees and shrubs tend to extend their tap roots in search of any source of water. If moisture from your pipes is detected by these root systems, the roots can wrap around the pipes and strangle them to break into the water source they crave. Read More

Earthquake Shutoff Valves

Most California home and business owners know there are laws in place requiring important safety features like earthquake shutoff valves and water heater straps to be present in all properties. And our Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers understand the need for these important safety items due to potential problems from damaged gas lines. Read More

Home Water Filtration Or Bottled Water?

Millions of Americans drink bottled water, and people in the United States collectively spend more than 12 billion dollars on plastic water bottles each year. While bottled water is a convenient choice for homeowners, it is not the best option for the environment or your health. Bottles that are not recycled put more strain on the planet’s already compromised resources. Plus, studies have shown that some plastic water bottles can leak DEHA, a known carcinogen along with BPA, which is suspected of causing neurological and behavioral problems in fetuses and children. Additionally, BPA has been linked to brain, breast, and prostate cancer along with numerous other health issues. Read More